Sandra Dinovitzer
Sandra Dinovitzer Mystic Master Of Pottery (157)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Natalie Breeden

    Dear Friend
    Thank you so very much for supporting my pot
    And helping in getting this POD
    I'm truly blessed to have you as a friend

  2. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (369)

    5* for an absolutely gorgeous new creation Sandra my dear friend. Have an amazing day and God bless. Love & hugs.... ❤️(~‿~✿)

  3. Shelley Klein Trazkovich

    11 x 5.outstanding pots. I haven't seen you for a few days. Don't forget my gallery. I usually add one pot a day. occasionally I add a second because of the Facebook weekly challenge.

  4. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (102)

    Magnificent and beautiful new pot!
    Happy Monday!! ☺☺☺❣

  5. سو سو
    سو سو Mystic Master Of Pottery (249)

    The best evening for the best friends after the interruption of the Internet for a long period
    Thanks so much for your support
    5***** for 26 New Awesome pots
    ❤️*******Happy times*******❤️

  6. Valeria Aycliffe

    Hi Sandra, the game is failing. I just supported my usual galleries and as I checked the rating points have not changed in any of them. Idreams knows it. While they solve it, I will not support anyone, so I can do it later. A hug.

  7. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (369)

    Hi Sandra dear. Have a great day and I hope that includes a little (me time) Sending lots of hugs your way...❤️(~‿~✿)

  8. Lucia Cavallini

    ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️ x 3 new Sandra
    Great the 2

  9. Ирина Якименко

    2*5☆☆☆☆☆ for amazing new beauties!))❤❤❤❤❤Happy weekend!

  10. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (369)

    5*x2 Love your gorgeous new pots hun. Thanks again for your many visits and have a wow of a weekend. As always, sending a big ((hug)) from me to you...❤️(~‿~✿)