Allen Maxey
Allen Maxey Mystic Master Of Pottery (136)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Jill Meed
    Jill Meed Mystic Master Of Pottery (51)

    Allen, 5⭐️X6 new gorgeous, stunning creations, dear friend!

  2. Sanjeevani Niphadkar

    5* x 1 Gorgeous new pot
    Happy day dear :)

  3. Sandra Dinovitzer

    5* x 9 beautiful pots!

  4. Jill Meed
    Jill Meed Mystic Master Of Pottery (51)

    Allen, Thank you so very much for your support, kindness & friendship! I was amazed to see my pots had won POD & POW this morning. I thought that my great friend, Karim had won this POD. Thank you all very, very much! Wow! I am shocked and thankful!

  5. Lana Bitten
    Lana Bitten Mystic Master Of Pottery (119)

    5* × 3 beautiful new pots dear❤

  6. Sanjeevani Niphadkar

    5* x 2 Wonderful new pots
    Happy week dear :)

  7. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (503)

    5*x9 I love your latest pots Allen dear, they're superb and I left a comment under the black and white one. My favourite. How have you? I hope you're well, and having a good day too. Take care and God bless my friend...❤️..(~‿~✿)

  8. Wandra Browning

    5 stars for your latest 3 superb creations! ♥
    Awesome skill!
    I am trying to tell everyone that I am slowing down in my posting
    due to upcoming family events. But time goes by fast. You'll barely notice one person' s absence, LOL!
    Have a great

  9. Rick Zaman Crobar

    Thank you dear friend for your support and contribution to my gallery and recent POD. I am very appreciative. Hope you have a wonderful week of potting.

  10. Sanjeevani Niphadkar

    5* x 1 Wonderful latest pot
    Happy weekend dear :)