Allen Maxey
Allen Maxey Mystic Master Of Pottery (151)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Susan Jones
    Susan Jones Mystic Master Of Pottery (64)

    thanks so much for all your ongoing support Allen your a sweetheart. love the compliments they really are nice to read your too kind you have a great gallery as well thanks so much happy potting my new friend.....
    ps 55555 stars x 12 missed pots

  2. Nikki Hussion-Mastroianni

    Thanks so much Allen! Glad to meet ya :) looking forward to being a frequent visitor of your awesome gallery!

  3. Theresa Lowe
    Theresa Lowe Mystic Master Of Pottery (568)

    Thank you so much sweet Allen for all your r kind words. I've only been playing this game since 2013 so I have lot of experience! I have stopped playing for a while but never stopped making pottery! I find it very relaxing making pottery! Hugs and lo

  4. R.f. Rowan
    R.f. Rowan Mystic Master Of Pottery (109)

    5 X 14 ❤️

  5. Miumi Hp
    Miumi Hp Mystic Master Of Pottery (306)

    5*x 2 4 new pots

  6. Lana Bitten
    Lana Bitten Mystic Master Of Pottery (128)

    5 ⭐⭐❤⭐⭐x 2 beautiful new creations dear, thank you!

  7. Michelle Mckee

    12 Fantastic creations Allen 5⭐️. Happy days ❤️

  8. Ally Hawkins
    Ally Hawkins Mystic Master Of Pottery (85)

    Allen, thank you so much for your support of my POD two days ago! I'm still amazed and so happy! 5* x 26 incredible, creative works of art!! I love your use of the background to complete the image of your pottery! It's brilliant and artistic!

  9. Maddalena Milly

    5. X. 7. Beautiful. Creations

  10. Eva Drechslerová

    6*5**" uzasne vazy moc se mi libi dekuji za podporu