Шахзода Дадажанова
Шахзода Дадажанова Mystic Master Of Pottery (685)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Наталія Циганова

    Что-то совсем Вас не видно, дорогая!
    Надеюсь, всё в порядке?..

  2. Ally Hawkins
    Ally Hawkins Mystic Master Of Pottery (206)

    Hi Shahzoda!! 5* x 3 beautiful pots!! The most recent pot in my gallery is a collaboration between Kerstin Ivarsson, Vera Hurt and I. We loved working on it together, and we hope you like what we made!! Have a wonderful day and week!!

  3. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (500)

    Hello Shahzoda dear. I've been getting a lot more arthritic pain lately, so I'm only able to sprinkle stars on your pots and reply on the comments page. I apologise & hope this is ok? God bless my dear friend...❤️..(~‿~✿)

  4. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (500)

    Hi Shahzoda. I came by to see if you had a new pot but I'll check back again tomorrow. Still, it's nice to see you back in the portal. Have a nice day & God bless...❤️.(~‿~✿)

  5. Sis  Morph
    Sis Morph Mystic Master Of Pottery (585)

    Шахзода! Очень красивая галлерея, заслуживает самых лучших оценок!
    5* на последние 12 Горшков!!!!

  6. Ariani
    Ariani Able Hands (15)

    Hi, great gallery 5 * × 5 beautiful creations dear
    ❤❤❤visit my gallery❤❤❤
    ❤❤❤ Thank you. ❤❤❤

  7. Наталія Циганова

    Что-то вообще ни слышно, ни видно Вас!
    Надеюсь, всё в порядке...
    Хорошего дня Вам!

  8. Koy
    Koy Able Hands (10)

    5* x 12 of your lovely creations.
    ❤️⭐visit my gallery⭐❤️
    Have a great day, Thank you.

  9. Laura Jade Karas

    5*×53 for your beautiful pots. I will come back and look thru more of your wonderful galary soon