José Manjavacas
José Manjavacas Mystic Master Of Pottery (99)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Ayşe Gülcan Gül

    ı visited your gallery 5X5*❤*❤*❤*❤*❤* for your beauty pots dear,have nice weekend:)

  2. Grace Armies
    Grace Armies Mystic Master Of Pottery (64)

    5 for 6

  3. Shelley Klein Trazkovich

    One more beautiful pot five stars and thank you for sharing it. Will you please come and visit my gallery see if you like anything? Thank you

  4. Valeria Aycliffe

    ahhhhh ... y mil gracias por despedirte de mi ♥

  5. Valeria Aycliffe

    Pues me da pena perderte de vista ;(( ¿ahora juegas al Hearthstone? ¿al pokemon go? ...En fin, me ha gustado mucho "conocerte" mi aventajado alumno. Cuidate mucho y que te vaya todo genial ♥♥♥

  6. Angelia Marie Cushman

    ***** Stars for your gallery *****
    José, For your 24 new uniquely gorgeous designs. I hope to see more soon. Have a lovely day.

  7. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (453)

    Hi Jose. Nice to see you back in the Portal again. Does this mean we'll see a new pot soon? Hoping so. I'm sending you a big hug from the wintry land of Aus dear friend so think of me while you're basking in the ❤️.(~‿~✿)

  8. Valeria Aycliffe

    Acabo de acordarme de ti y ya veo que te has debido cansar de esto o bien has encontrado algo mejor que hacer ;(( Te echaré de menos dilecto alumno ♥ Cuidate mucho.

  9. Shreyasi Das

    Thanks for the stars and support dear.. Have a great day ☺️ ☺️ ☺️

  10. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (453)

    Hi Jose, I hope you're enjoying a wonderfully, blessed, peaceful weekend. Hugs.... ❤️(~‿~✿)