Наталія Циганова
Наталія Циганова Mystic Master Of Pottery (70)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Shelley Klein Trazkovich

    Yes I don't know what happened either for the POD on that day but I took a picture. It showed Rowan with four points more. But It was at 00:09 game time. 169 Rowan, 165 Irina and you. There could have been votes recorded between 00:00 - 09

  2. Mel AH
    Mel AH Mystic Master Of Pottery (83)

    I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. Reward? I'm new at this game. Maybe you meant to send that comment to someone else?

  3. Nadeazy Bell
    Nadeazy Bell Mystic Master Of Pottery (81)

    Нет, это было не по ошибке ... вы очень талантливы, и мне нравится видеть ваши работы! Уверен, у вас будет еще много.

  4. Dany Elle
    Dany Elle Mystic Master Of Pottery (419)

    Congratulations❤️:) I don't know if it was a mistake.I didn't see the final competition, but I think if it happened it means it is worth it!
    The rating takes more hours than we think and a pot can still get stars until morning at 7.

  5. Svetlana Shalaeva

    POD получен совершенно заслуженно! Так держать! Спасибо за поддержку, Наталiя!!!

  6. Mel AH
    Mel AH Mystic Master Of Pottery (83)

    Hi there! How are you? I saw your comment at my page, and it was in Russian. I don't speak Russian I'm sorry. Can you please repost your comment in English. Thanks. Have a nice day.

  7. Maddalena Milly

    Thank you Dear

  8. Shelley Klein Trazkovich

    Congratulations on the POD I thought a different pot won but yours is very lovely so I'm happy for you

  9. May Li
    May Li Mystic Master Of Pottery (166)

    Congratulations for the amazing POD!!!!!!!