Axy Mn
Axy Mn Mystic Master Of Pottery (129)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Ana Virlan
    Ana Virlan Mystic Master Of Pottery (65)

    Welcome to LCP portal! Great starting series!!!
    5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for each piece in your beautiful collection!!!
    You are welcome anytime to visit my gallery!!! Thanks!!!
    Have a wonderful week and happy potting! ❤️❤️

  2. Valeria Aycliffe

    Thank you so much Axy ♥ Happy sunday.

  3. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (953)

    5*x6 Hi Axy. I rated all your beautiful pots 5* & I must say my favourite is No.2 in pink. It's such a perfect shape & colour. Have a great week dear pottery friend & welcome to LCP. You're welcome to visit me anytime. (((>hugs<))) ❤️(~‿~✿)

  4. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (953)

    Thanks for your friendship and support Axy. You've helped me get P.O.D and I appreciate it very much. (((>hugs<))) ❤️(~‿~✿)

  5. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (136)

    Hi, Axy.
    Your pots are very pretty! 5 ⛦for each ⛤❣⛤
    I hope to see more creations from you.
    Have a wonderful day!☺
    You can visit my gallery if you'd like ❤❤❤

  6. Miro Lopa
    Miro Lopa Mystic Master Of Pottery (127)

    Welcome to LCP, Axy!
    Rated 5 stars all your pots.
    See you soon.

  7. Gabriela Gaby
    Gabriela Gaby Mystic Master Of Pottery (779)

    Beautiful creations Five deserved stars for all pots

  8. Valeria Aycliffe

    Beautiful creations Axy. Five deserved stars for all pots. Welcome to Lcp !!!!

  9. Natalie Breeden

    Welcome to LCP
    Nice Gallery Start
    5*s X 6 New Gorgeous Creations

    Hope you'll visit my Newest Creation

  10. Shelley Klein Trazkovich

    Hello Axy, I gave five stars to each of your six pots. I love your soft colors and your pretty shapes. I look forward to seeing your next creations. Come visit my gallery and let me know your opinion about my creations.