Awatif Ghazi
Awatif Ghazi Ceramics Dealer (37)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (124)

    Hi Awatif.❣
    Just wanted you to
    know you're in my
    thoughts. Take care,
    dear friend. ❣❤❣
    Love and hugs to you.❣

  2. Mariana Ghircau

    Wish you all the best,and a very happy weekend,
    always, have reasons to smile,and be happy always not just every weekend of your life,but every day of your life
    Wishing you, and your loved ones, a blessed weekend !!
    With love,hugs and kisses !!

  3. Mariana Ghircau

    Wish you a very happy and a beautiful life !!
    Warm hugs and love !!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you,today and every day

  4. Mariana Ghircau

    HI... sweetheart AWATIF
    I wish you a sunny weekend with a lots of health,lots of love,happiness,peace of mind,together with the loved ones.
    All the best,and a serene life, full of the most amazing, awesome,fascinante, and beautiful, satisfactions

  5. Kim Lobley
    Kim Lobley Mystic Master Of Pottery (351)

    I had a very enjoyable time scrolling through your gallery! Lovely work!


  6. Emily Ross
    Emily Ross Mystic Master Of Pottery (65)

    5x1 beautiful pot ❤

  7. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (124)

    Hi Awatif.❣
    How have you been
    feeling? I hope things are
    getting better.
    I've been thinking of you
    and wishing the best.
    Hugs and love to you.

  8. Mariana Ghircau

    HI....sweetheart AWATIF !!
    With all my heart, I wish you a happy weekend full of love, full of smiles, bright, happy, joyful, healthy, along with loved ones !!
    Warm hugs and love !!

  9. Valeria Aycliffe

    I'm glad to hear you're recovering. Don't be in a hurry to get back here, do it only when you can. We will be waiting for you. Take care of yourself, my dear Awatif ♥

  10. Mariana Ghircau

    I wish you all the best, a lot, a lot of health, a lot of love and a lot of happiness
    Warm hugs, lots of love and thousands of kisses