Ruzanna Hovhannisyan
Ruzanna Hovhannisyan Mystic Master Of Pottery (189)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Sandra Dinovitzer

    ~❤️~ Happy Valentines Day ~❤️~

  2. Vivian Torres
    Vivian Torres Mystic Master Of Pottery (105)

    Hi Ruzanna...the last time I visited your gallery and kept communication was in 2014. After 3 years I'm back. You have beautiful pieces and have advanced so much. Congrstulations on all your prizes. 5*×12.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Miumi Hp
    Miumi Hp Mystic Master Of Pottery (540)

    How are you doing today dear friend.. hugs

  4. Sandra Dinovitzer

    5* x 3 latest wonderful pots!

  5. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (503)

    Hi Ruzanna. How are you sweetie? I hope you have a magical day and enjoy making your pots. I know I do, and I think I'm addicted to it. It brings the creative juices alive and it's so much fun don't you think? God bless.❤️.(~‿~✿)

  6. Vera Hurt
    Vera Hurt Mystic Master Of Pottery (503)

    Ruzanna dear. How are you? It's so nice to see you back again. I hope you're well and enjoying pottering around the Portal. Have a great day and God bless hun..❤️..(~‿~✿)

  7. Svetlana Shalaeva

    Dear Ruzanna, I do not cease to admire and learn from the works of your delightful collection !! These are just masterpieces !!! Thanks for the lovely work !!! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Valeria Aycliffe

    My dear Ruzanna: After all these years that passed and although I still know very kind people, some great creators, for me, the people I met and admired at the beginning of being here, you are very special ♥
    (I´m a romantic decadent)

  9. Tanya Nabok
    Tanya Nabok Mystic Master Of Pottery (543)

    Happy New Year dear Ruzanna❤️

  10. Miumi Hp
    Miumi Hp Mystic Master Of Pottery (540)

    OMG.. thank you to all my friends who supported me to win pod I highly appreciate it you made this Iraqi lady very happy thanks again and again.. hugs to you all