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Gallery Comments


  1. Ade Iacob
    Ade Iacob Mystic Master Of Pottery (61)

    Ok,Sam!!! It is good to be more important to be there than here,so i wish you easy work with succes in everything you do!!!
    Thank you for your attention!! All the best always!!! Take care!!:)

  2. Valeria Aycliffe

    Good night Felix. I'm glad to know you are fine. I hope it is also Tatevik, while I do not see her here. A big hug for both and thank you very much for your beautiful wishes ♥

  3. Ade Iacob
    Ade Iacob Mystic Master Of Pottery (61)

    What a surprise,dear Sam Felix!!!:) Thank you very much for your sweet words!!!
    I thinks is good time for you to come back if you still have pleasure for potting.
    Or maybe you are here,but i cant see you:) Was a pleasure to read your comment !!!!

  4. Gosia Sas-Nowosielska

    I am little too late. But I want to thank you for your vote. I wish you good luck and many happy days.

  5. Micah Ashley Gore

    Thank you for the rating!

  6. Heidi Envall
    Heidi Envall Mystic Master Of Pottery (667)

    Come back. Try again. Feel that creative spark. Wish you joy!

  7. Pilar Del Nido Gil

    Dear Sam, do not know how sorry you left the game, apparently you're not the only one who feels decepcionado.Es a shame that we can not admire your creations.
    I understand your reasons, but regardless of the defects vitiating this game is pretty let

  8. Ehlina  Baroeva

    Dear!? What happened? ??

  9. Mira Luna
    Mira Luna Mystic Master Of Pottery (198)

    Sam, don't give up. Continue to create pots for your heart and eyes! And share with us your beautiful creations!

  10. Shinobu Miyata

    Take care.
    ........I'm looking formord to your new pots :))