Sabina Mazur
Sabina Mazur Mystic Master Of Pottery (203)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Akshay Niphadkar

    My dear friend Sabina ...
    Thank you very much for your contribution on my POD ....
    I am very grateful to you for your generous support ...
    Have a wonderful weekend ....❤☺️❤

  2. Shreyasi Das

    12*5***** for your beautiful gallery... Have a great day

  3. Natalie Breeden

    Oh and PS the thank you note was real
    Cause your one of the ones that always supported my Creations
    Well. Thanks care

  4. Natalie Breeden

    Misses your Creations, I mean I read what you said but kinda hoping you'll come back.
    Knows the feeling honestly...
    Totally confused at somethings...
    OK... Ummmm anyhow.. just thought I'd drop a note

  5. Natalie Breeden

    I want to thank you for always being so supportive of my Creations.
    Without your continued support this POD wouldn't be possible.
    And this one has a very special meaning to me as it was dedicated to a special person.

  6. Tanya Nabok
    Tanya Nabok Mystic Master Of Pottery (499)

    5⃣⭐️ Great pot, page 15:)
    Thank you Sabina

  7. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (113)

    Sweet, Sabina....... where are you??? ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Natalie Breeden

    Hope all is well as I noticed you Beautiful Creations missing from postings for a few days.

    While here I got pages 9&10 in your gallery completed with 5★s
    Have a Blessed Day

  9. Tanya Nabok
    Tanya Nabok Mystic Master Of Pottery (499)

    5⃣⭐️Lovely pots, pages 5: 6;)
    Thank you so much
    Hawe a good week, dear Sabina!♻️❤️♻️

  10. Tanya Nabok
    Tanya Nabok Mystic Master Of Pottery (499)

    Thank you so much, for your support!
    3 x 5⭐️ Lovely greations pots, page 5:)
    Hawe a good week, dear Sabina! ♻️☺️♻️