Mariana Ghircau
Mariana Ghircau Heart Of Clay (33)
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Gallery Comments


  1. Valeria Aycliffe

    Buenos dias, mi bella dama ♥ Una vez mas, iniciamos una nueva semana juntas que espero sea fantástica. Miles de besos y cientos de abrazos ♥

  2. BreAnna Gwynn

    Wishing you a wonderful week! Be blessed! ❤️

  3. Lisa Constant

    Hello my beautiful cousin! It's been a long time since I've been on LCP. How are you feeling? All healed & back to the courts again? You are always in my prayers & my thoughts, dear Mariana! Wishing you a lovely week. God bless!

  4. Theresa Lowe
    Theresa Lowe Mystic Master Of Pottery (848)

    Thank you sweetheart Mariana
    You have a wonderful week ahead full of love with family and love :) hugs and love ❤️

  5. Dany Elle
    Dany Elle Mystic Master Of Pottery (477)

    Thanks so much dear Mariana for your superb words! :) Bless you!

  6. Tara Morse
    Tara Morse Mystic Master Of Pottery (117)

    Thank you, Mariana, for
    your heartfelt, sincere and
    beautiful words.I wish you
    a happy, loving and beautiful
    day and new week.❣❤❣
    Much love and hugs sweetheart!

  7. Valeria Aycliffe

    No, no. En absoluto. Solo te estoy deseando una larga vida y que todos tus dias esten repletos de la maxima felicidad ♥

  8. R.f. Rowan
    R.f. Rowan Mystic Master Of Pottery (180)

    Thank you so much for helping me win the POD yesterday! I couldn’t have done it without your kind support! ❤️

  9. Robert Woźniak

    Thank you Mariana :)
    Have a awesome day!

  10. Valeria Aycliffe

    Hola cielo ♥ Muchas gracias. Yo tambien deseo que tu domingo sea maravilloso y el resto de tus dias de una larga vida, sean geniales ♥